The way people work is quickly changing. From the rising freelance economy and booming coworking industry to distributed organizations and platform cooperatives, it’s anything but business as usual.

Recognizing this change, Simone Cicero created the Platform Design Canvas in 2013 to help entrepreneurs and established corporations design platform businesses. Cicero has now released the Platform Design Toolkit, a collection of resources to help entrepreneurs and businesses overcome the limitations of traditional business modeling tools.

The Platform Design Canvas helps businesses and organizations create collaborative platforms

At the core of the toolkit is the Platform Design Canvas to help new and established organizations visualize their channels and tools. It also includes the Ecosystem Canvas to identify the actors and roles in your platform ecosystem, the Motivations Matrix to identify incentives for people to participate and exchange value, the Platform Schema to ensure that the platform you’re creating is fair and respectful, the Experience Learning Canvas to design paths for participants through key phases, and more.

The Platform Design team also published a whitepaper designed to help readers and toolkit users understand why platform businesses are on the rise, the role of platforms in the economy, and how to best utilize the Platform Design Toolkit.

The toolkit is released with a Creative Commons license so you can download it and use it independently or with the Platform Design Toolkit team via in-house workshops or webinars. The toolkit is a great resource to help entrepreneurs design any kind of platform business including a user-owned platform cooperative.

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