The creators of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives are back! The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA) folks are currently crowdfunding their latest project — Rise Up: The Game of People and Power.

The game pits the players’ chosen social movement against “the system” which attempts to outwit the activists with surveillance, arrests, and other tactics. Players must gain supporters in order to build momentum and bolster resources through the “Movement Cards.” Entertainment, engagement, and education are all rolled up into one neat package that inspires social activism in players.

Brian Van Slyke, TESA’s co-founder and Rise Up’s project director, points out that everyone “involved in the design of the game comes from a community organizing background. We felt strongly about creating a game that’s both an effective tool for activist settings and a fun, exciting game that’s suited for game nights with friends.”

As with its predecessor, Rise Up is a collaborative board game in which the players win or lose together. In a twist, though, it features two versions in one so that strategic thinkers can feel challenged but, with a flip of the board, less experienced players can have fun too. In another first, Rise Up will also be produced almost exclusively by U.S. worker cooperatives using environmentally friendly materials.

Rise Up’s graphic design was done by Molly McLeod.

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