As much flak as the Sharing Economy catches, Silicon Valley gets even more. So, when the two victims of derision collided at Comedy Hack Day last month, much (fake) technological foolery ensued. 

Some of the competition's contestants included the ZipKid rent-a-kid app; Everything Free Forever, a site that compiles and compares return policies and transaction history so that you can "buy, use, return, repeat" in order to live on the free; and Dude Friend Finder (aka "Brokay Cupid"), a match-making site for guys looking to put the 'man' in 'bromance' and land a new bro.

But the Grand Prize Winner of the day was the WellDeserved app. Billed as "The Premiere Marketplace for Privilege," WellDeserved lets users share their privilege with those in need because, at WellDeserved, "We believe that when everyone has access to privileges today, we can create a more equally privileged society tomorrow."

– Are you a person of color who can't get a cab on your own? For $5, Kristin the white woman will hail one for you.

– Are you a woman who gets harassed on the street? For a sense of justice, Ward the big dude will walk with you.

– Are you a hipster looking for a spot in Dolores Park? For a can of PBR, Dylan will let you have his.

Kelly McCartney


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