Upcycling is a great idea that can have very useful and beautiful results. There are thousands of crafters and artists who make a living turning what we would consider used up junk into valuable household items or pieces of art.

Connecting those wondering what to do with their trash with those who look at that "trash" as a valuable resource is just one of the goals of a Kickstarter campaign that launched today.

The CORA App is dedicated to the idea that all the "stuff" we need already exists. We just need to find more creative ways to use this existing "stuff" to meet our ever changing needs. By pointing the way to people who need or want your stuff, the CORA App helps keep junk out of the landfills (and rivers and oceans) while supporting artisans who can upcycle it.

How It Will Work:

After downloading the app, simply type in any item that you no longer need, and choose its next life. The new CORA app will enable you to find neighbors who need your stuff, as well as businesses that want it (and may even pay you for it). Get the full walkthrough here.

And if all you want to do is toss your item into a recycling bin, you'll find accurate and up-to-date information about what goes where in your local recycling bins, and where to send things that aren't accepted in your neighborhood. 

Team CORA has been funding this project out of its own pocket, but now they're ready to expand their platform, and they're seeking help from the Kickstarter community.

"We need Kickstarter community funds to populate this massive database of both new and existing ways to divert trash from landfills and our waterways," state the founders. "Our database of original and hard-to-find content includes broadcast quality video, stills, tutorials, and interactive educational material.
"Our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to not only create the mobile app across multiple platforms, but spread it fast to your city! Given that the app heavily leverages crowdsourcing to populate and vet the myriad options for landfill diversion, a crowdsource approach to funding seems a natural fit."
Today is the first day of the CORA crowdfunding campaign, and the project has already gathered over $1,000 in pledges from 15 supporters. Stop by the blog at to follow the progress of the mobile app and sign up for the private beta. There, you can also join the conversation and discover new ideas to help you reduce, reuse, gift, repurpose or recycle your everyday stuff.
Beth Buczynski


Beth Buczynski

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