Coworking spaces provide mobile workers with a laptop-friendly place to network and collaborate. Many coworkers view their local coworking spaces as a refuge from the distractions of a home office or the cramped conditions of a coffee shop.

But traveling, a common requirement for remote and freelance professionals, presents a unique problem for coworking regulars. Not only can it be arduous to locate a coworking space in a new city, but drop-in fees can be an unwelcome expense.

For years coworkers have longed for a streamlined way to access coworking spaces around the world without worrying about membership cards and extra costs. And now it seems that something has arrived.

The League of Extrordinary Coworking Spaces (LEXC), the world's first coworking loyalty program, officially launched today.

LEXC is a unique network of coworking spaces with a common standard of excellence. LEXC venues have come together to provide, for the first time, a seamless coworking experience in cities around the US.

At long last, members of any LEXC venue now enjoy trusted access and full privileges at any other venue in the network. If you’re a member of one LEXC venue, you’re now a member of all LEXC venues.

The concept builds upon the already existing Coworking Visa Program that can be found on the Global Coworking Wiki. The Visa Program, while well intentioned, lacks maintenance and visibility among the coworking community.

There are currently six founding LEXC venues across the nation: Nextspace in San Francisco and Los Angeles; BLANKSPACES in Los Angeles; Link Coworking in Austin; Workbar in Boston; CoCo coworking and collaborative space in Minneapolis and St. Paul; and 654 Croswell in Grand Rapids.

Select new venues will be added on an ongoing basis.

LiquidSpace, an online coworking directory, is involved as a founding sposor and key enabler of LEXC. Their platform provides the real-time trusted sharing system that lets LEXC manage permissions and privileges for shared members (via visas) and share inventory in real-time.  

Any member of an LEXC coworking space can freely reserve work and meeting space anywhere in the LEXC network using the web and mobile (iPhone/Android) booking interfaces. Once members arrive at their reserved venue, the platform provides authentication, automates check in, and unlocks amenities and special LEXC member privileges so they can get to work.

"What’s cool about LEXC is that the founding venues really are the best and brightest," said Josh Jones-Dilworth, a public relations representative for the venture. "The LEXC network is about a certain expectation of quality, and trust. Big picture, we think that this new model is the future of coworking, and we intend for LEXC to be an advocate for extraordinary coworking experiences. Interoperability is the first step, and will help our communities flourish in new ways. We also intend to be a steward of innovation in our industryalways experimenting, always improving."

Beth Buczynski


Beth Buczynski

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