From February 6th to 8th, 1,000 participants from 30 countries, including 70 journalists and bloggers will thrive at the Lift Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. We will explore the business and social implications of digital technologies: from what lessons are to be learnt from porn on the web, to resiliance and how agile businesses work. That's Europe!

Inspirational talks by passionnate people from Freitag founder (waste free upcyled bags and business model) to Konstantina Zoehrer (an amazing Greek social innovation activist), will feed the minds of participants. They will also dwelve into workshops and fun networking activities.

« Lift is about discovering new trends and turning them into opportunities ».

So do link in via the web, or on twitter. It will be interesting and inspiring. I'll track the shareable ideas and people!

Follow the livestream : new.livestream.com/liftconference

Follow on twitter : #lift13 @liftconference – The people gathering seem to be a fine lot!

And tonight we will enjoy a giant fondue with 1000 people. Might turn out to be like Asterix in Switzerland…

Any Shareable readers at the conference? Shabnam @wwsdo



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