The most important sharing news of the week in my life ended up being the new Ubuntu release, Oneric Ocelot, which was a bit more onerous than advertised. Check it out, but make sure you install the bootloader right, or you'll be publishing "last week" instead of "this week." So enjoy this special version of LWIS, brought to you by noobness.

  • Don't forget: on October 24th, Shareable will host a free event with P2P Foundation founder Michel Bauwens and The Institute for The future in my home town of Palo Alto, CA.
  • And registration is now open for SHARE NYC, where I'll be hosting a panel on youth and the economic crisis along with a whole bunch of other great panels and more.
  • Rachel Botsman stopped by the Wired 2011 conference to talk about how new forms of entrepreneurship have "the power to reinvent not just what we consume but how we consume." Read more on her remarks here.
  • Meanwhile, in the Bay Area, P2P car-sharing service Getaround is doing just that. The San Francisco Examiner interviews co-founder Jess Scorpio.
  • In Warsaw, Poland at the end of the last month, a bunch of international sharers got together for the Creative Commons Global Summit. Read about what went down here.
  • Some automakers will just never like bike-riders. But GM went so far as to make ads mocking cyclists.
  • Ending unnecessary intellectual property restrictions is a great way to improve education, but there are counter-forces at work.





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