Ridesharing, in its many forms, is a fun and practical aspect of the sharing economy. It's a way to reduce your carbon footprint, meet like-minded people, save money, and support new and innovative ways of getting around. It's a great way to enter the sharing lifestyle.

International #RideSharingDay is a celebration of all things ridesharing. Celebrated around the world on October 10th, the event, now in its seventh year, serves as a reminder of the importance of rethinking our methods of transportation.

“All over the world people are placing themselves shoulder to shoulder, side by side, in different vehicles,” says Mattias Jägerskog, founder of the non-profit ridesharing movement Skjutsgruppen and International #RidesharingDay. “In the last ten years, ridesharing has become a shining example of the return of the collaborative economy. This return is viewed by us and many others as a necessity when economies are crashing and earth's resources are scarce.”

Jägerskog points out that this year’s Earth Overshoot Day, the day when when we’ve exhausted nature’s budget for a year, happened on August 19th, more than two months earlier than in 2000 when Global Footprint Network started measuring overshoot. This indicates that despite all the rhetoric about sustainable development, humans are quickly expanding their ecological footprint.  “To act on this is not only important,” Jägerskog says, “but a necessity.”

Initiated by Skjutsgruppen in 2008, #RideSharingDay brings focus to all environmentally safe, shared methods of transportation, from buses and trains to sailboats and private vehicles. This year #RideSharingDay is being celebrated in many countries including Turkey, Norway, Belgium, England, Chile, Israel, France, Denmark, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy and more.

Now in its seventh year, #RideSharingDay is being celebrated in countries around the world.

The theme for this year’s #RideSharingDay is “openness.”

“The last couple of years we have heard voices across the world arguing for the closing of both borders and societies from each other; to be afraid of each other,” says Jägerskog. “At the exact same moment millions of ridesharers choose to do the opposite. Millions of ridesharers choose to open up both their mind and their vehicles.” He continues, “They choose not to view people as strangers, but rather as friends of friends. They choose not to be afraid of each other and instead travel together over all different kinds of borders, both geographically and in their minds.”

Jägerskog explains that if participants in the ridesharing movement can be open to each other, then this openness can be extended to the organizational level with service providers, companies and organizations.

“In the same way millions of ridesharers cooperate every day,” says Jägerskog, “so can organizations…It's time to open up codes and APIs so brilliant minds can program even better transportation solutions, and for the benefit of all travelers do mashups of all environmentally safe means of transportation—from private vehicles to public transportation.” He adds, “It's time to see that ridesharing in its core means cooperation rather than competition. It's time for openness.”

Handing out apples to ridesharers on International #RidesharingDay

How you celebrate #RidesharingDay is only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Join and share the Facebook event page

2. Use the #RideSharingDay hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

3. Find #RideSharingDay initiatives near you on

4. Host an event in your town. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Find some friends who like ridesharing as much as you.
  • Create something that sums up your feelings for ridesharing; a song or a flyer or something else. Get creative here. New ideas are always appreciated!
  • Find a good area that acts as a hub for people travelling in your area. Go to this area with your flyers and songs.
  • Hand out gifts to people travelling together, because people travelling together are worthy of being celebrated. Apples, coffee and cinnamon rolls are very popular.
  • Contact with information about your event and you’ll be added to the map.


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