The growth of the coworking movement only keeps accelerating, with new shared working spaces opening in far-flung regions nearly every week. With this sort of growth, and more people becoming familiar with the concept of coworking, there's need for a central information hub to connect the global network of spaces. The Coworking Wiki aims to fulfill that role, but there's only so much work that can be done by moonlighting freelancers. In this video hosted by David and Chelsea at Office Nomads in Seattle, they request more volunteer contributions, and for donations to help them clean up the wiki, put key structures in place, organize the content, and lay the groundwork for a global map of coworking spaces. 

Paul M. Davis


Paul M. Davis

Paul M. Davis tells stories online and off, exploring the spaces where data, art, and civics intersect. I currently work with a number of organizations including Pivotal and

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