Shareable was inspired in part by the viral video, The Story of Stuff, which shows the destructiveness of our consumer economy. Now just a couple years after it was released, there’s many voices telling the story of sharing. Below are four of our favorite videos.

1. The Commons produced by Silke Helfrich of The Commons Blog, her colleagues at the Commons Strategies Group, and the film crew at dasprogramm. This video gives a nice shorthand debunking of the idea of the tragedy of the commons.


2. Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers’ Collaborative Consumption Groundswell video shows how business is helping us share all kinds of stuff, and that trend has momentum. Did you know bikesharing is the fastest growing form of public transportation?

3. Our friends at On the Commons and others produced the below, also entitled The Commons, about a year ago. It does a good job of defining the commons and explaining why they’re essential, whether digital or physical.

4. Lisa Gansky, entrepreneur and author of The Mesh, gave the below talk last week at the Web 2.0 Summit. It expresses the shift to a sharing economy in a very elegant way.

Teaser image via Collaborative Consumption.

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