Commonomics USA's new board game, American Commons, upends Monopoly's core principles. (Image via Huffington Post)

For its latest project, Commonomics USA—formerly BankACT, a non-profit organization that offers education and other services to policymakers, activists, and allies—has taken a playful approach to the cause of economic justice. The group's new board game, American Commons, turns the world of Monopoly on its head. "It is collaborative, there is no money, and it rewards altruism, not greed," explains a press release. Though thin on details, the description refers to game features including "voting, exercising rights, and the dreaded Prison of Austerity." As pictured, the board comprises circular spaces arranged in a ring around a blue and white logo urging players to "Protect the American Commons."

Commonomics USA, whose concurrent work includes a campaign promoting postal banking, has been developing American Commons for six months, and is preparing to release evaluation copies to the public. To receive a test kit, purchase one online for $35 plus shipping. Individuals who donate $250 or more to Commonomics USA before July 10 will see their name included in the print materials accompanying the inaugural edition of American Commons and receive a complimentary evaluation copy. Evaluation copy orders will be collected through July 31, with game sets to ship in early September.

The board game is designed to teach players about the importance of the commons to American political, economic, and social life. (Commonomics USA)

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