A hilarious, devilishly catchy music video is making the internet rounds this week. (And it’s also curse-heavy, so if you’re at work, headphones up!) The song, Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, is a big dirty love letter to sharers’ favorite fashion outlet, the thrift store. It’s worth a watch (or five).

Hipster is definitively a dirty word now, but this ode to looking fine on the cheap is too funny to dismiss. Despite its tongue-firmly-in-cheek attitude, it captures that joyous feeling of digging through decades of grandpa clothes to discover an awesome sweater with an old cartoon character on it. OK, maybe that sentiment is ridiculous with irony, but we gotta take our joys where we can get them. Plus, it’s just so catchy!

Macklemore is a rapper out of Seattle, Washington, and has been performing since 2000; Ryan Lewis is his producer. Thrift Shop will be featured on their upcoming full length EP, The Heist, which comes out on October 6, and which they’ll be supporting with a world tour. If you want to try and hear Thrift Shop live, wearing your own piss-smelling mink coat, you can find tour dates on their website.




Willie is a writer, editor and punk singer based in Brooklyn, NY. Willie is an editor at Shareable and The New Inquiry, and fronts the band Vulture Shit.