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This is a prototype of Shareable's forthcoming events calendar. It includes a wide variety of sharing events. We will release a more sophisticated version soon. In the meantime, please send your ideas about what you'd like in a calendar to


August 20-25
Warriors for the Human Spirit with Meg Wheatley and Jerry Granelli
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada

August 21
Property Co-Ownership Discussion at the Legal Cafe
Oakland, California, USA

August 21-25
Hanna Hanna Art Gathering and Festival
Kolárovo, Slovakia

August 22
Money-Water-Sex-Community w/ Charles Eisenstein & Benjamin von Mendelssohn
San Francisco, California, USA

August 23
Healing the Activism/Spirituality Divde w/Charles Eisenstein
Oakland, California, USA

August 24
Transition Jam!
Media, Pennsylvania, USA

August 25-28
Imagine the Common Good: an Intergenerational Dialogue to Inspire a Creative Leadership
Paris, France

August 27
Time Banks and Currencies: Conversation on Structure and Governance
Berkeley, California, USA

August 30 – September 2
Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Community
Louisa, Virginia, USA


September 2-4
Growing a Caring Cooperative Culture (Western Worker Coop Conference)
Detroit, Oregon, USA

September 8
Greater Media Free Market
Media, Pennsylvania, USA

September 16
Shared Mobility and Transit: Partners for the 21st Century
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 17-18
Open Knowledge Conference
Geneva, Switzerland

September 20-22
Reweaving North Carolina Solidarity Economy Convergence
Greensboro, NC, USA

September 21-22
Whatcom Skill Share Faire
Ferndale, Washington, USA

September 24-25
New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


October 7-9
Austin, Texas, USA

October 10-11
Shared-Use Mobility Summit
San Francisco, California, USA

October 15-18
5th International Social Solidarity Economy Conference
Manila, Philippines

October 31-November 1
Open Government Partnership Summit
London, England


November 1-3
NASCO Institute – A Fire in Our Bellies: Food Justice and Cooperatives
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

November 1-5
ICA Global Conference & General Assembly
Cape Town, South Africa

November 4-5
CleanTech Future Conference II
San Francisco, California, USA

November 12-14
EcoDistricts Summit
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

November 18-19
Sustainable Brands London
London, England

November 29-December 5
Living the New Economy
Vancouver, Canada

APRIL 2014

April 24-25
Sustainable Brands Rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MAY 2014

May 21-22
Sustainable Brands Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey