Ten years ago this month, Brad Neuberg created coworking. He hosted a regular gathering in San Francisco, with a few card tables and chairs, and invited people to come work alongside him. Neuberg went on to co-found the coworking space Citizen Space, and a movement was born. There are now over 3,000 coworking spaces around the world and more being created every day.

Coworking Week, which runs August 4-10, is a celebration of the coworking movement and the people involved in it. It’s an opportunity to try coworking, visit different coworking and maker spaces, and join in celebrating the 10 year anniversary.

Presented by Citizen Space, Coworking Week brings people together for socializing, collaborating, learning, and getting work done. It also brings coworking space operators together to learn about the latest in technology, digital marketing, business operations, community building, and more.

If you’re already a member of a coworking space, this week is a time to celebrate the movement you’ve helped to build. For the coworking-curious, this is an excellent opportunity to give it a try as you can spend a day coworking for free, and get access to community events.

Tickets to Coworking Week are free and include a complimentary day pass at one of the participating coworking spaces in your city, as well as all the Coworking Week events. Events include happy hours, panel discussions, presentations, networking events, tours, and lunches taking place in the Bay Area, Eugene, OR., New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Jacksonville, FL., Boston, and more.

Note: The Coworking Week events calendar is being regularly updated by participating spaces. If you don’t see something in your city, check back, or contact your local coworking spaces to see if they have anything planned.


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Cat Johnson is a writer and content strategist focused on coworking, collaboration and community. She's the author of Coworking Out Loud, a guide to content marketing for coworking space operators. Publications include Yes!