What do you get when you mashup flash mobs with farming? A crop mob, of course. Shareable friend Allison Arieff has a GOOD write up about their origin in North Carolina two years ago with some how-to tips for would be organizers.

What to join in the fun? Go here to find the nearest mob or start your own. Here's a video about a crop mob event in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA to give you a taste of the crop mobbing life:

While crop mobs look like great fun, they address a real problem. Growing food without machinery, pesticides, and chemical fertilizer is labor intensive. Sharing labor makes small farms more feasible, which could help even more of them pop up.

And this is yet another case of "back to the future" here on Shareable. Sharing labor on farms is probably as old as agriculture itself. Young farmers, however, have added a new yet predictable twist – the use of web 2.0 apps to organize events. Facebook is a favorite tool to organize crop mob events. And you can follow the latest crop mobbing developments on Twitter @cropmob.

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