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I hosted the Sharing Economy Leaders Forum on Thursday 29th May at Henley Club Melbourne.
This event brought together 25 sharing innovators to discuss the vision for Melbourne to become a Sharing City, identify common opportunities and challenges, plus facilitate introductions and networking.
I created a Storify of the Melbourne event to document the #ShareFest tweets sent on the night.
To keep the conversation going I just started the Share Melbourne Facebook Group to serve as a discussion point for sharing organisations, people interested in sharing, community groups and partner organisations keen to facilitate sharing. Please join the group to stay connected and introduce yourself and let everyone know what you're working on. This page will become an important focal point for development of any future working group, the Sharing Cities Summit and other sharing projects.
Forum Reflections
I was so impressed by the energy and generosity of everyone who participated in the forum at Henley Club. It's clear there's serious momentum behind the local sharing economy and genuine interest in shaping the vision for Melbourne to become a Sharing City.

Participants told us the Sharing Economy matters to them for various reasons including:
  • sharing skills and knowledge;
  • decentralising power;
  • creating a fairer world;
  • reducing waste;
  • empowering people and groups;
  • building more resilient systems;
  • and strengthening communities
The hands-on part of the forum surfaced many challenges clustered into these themes:
  • Money & Ownership;
  • Culture of Organisations;
  • Evangelisation;
  • Culture; 
  • and Institutional
The Opportunities fell into these clusters:
  • Social Change;
  • Better Together
  • Policy Blockages;
  • Smarter Resource Use;
  • Shared Ownership Models;
  • Strategic Cohesion;
  • Employment Alternatives;
  • and What Alignment Looks Like

I have captured the forum outputs in this Google doc and I encourage everyone to add their comments/reflections. These outputs will form an important basis for future discussions. 
The forum outputs also demonstrate the diversity and complexity of the local sharing movement and mirror similar debates and conversations happening in other parts of the world, with a unique local take on things. 
Darren Sharp


Darren Sharp |

Darren Sharp is a leading sharing economy strategist, consultant and researcher.  As founding Director of Social Surplus he develops strategy and facilitates capacity-building using strength-based approaches including asset-based community