This Halloween in Sharing

Apologies, our weekly links post has been haunted. We will return to regularly scheduled links about bike sharing and stuff you can build soon, but until then, enjoy Halloween:

  • Maybe it's because America is a last-minute kind of place, but Halloween is when even the most mainstream outlets jump on the DIY bandwagon. Even CNN and Seventeen have DIY costume guides.
  • From Cory Doctorrow at BoingBoing, a super creepy trick-or-treat prank based on adults' innate fear of strange children.
  • Lifehacker has gone above and beyond this season, doing a whole week of evil how-to's ranging from how to shop at Costco without a membership to how to hack your neighbors' speakers from your couch.
  • Instructables has their annual Halloween contest, so whether you have a killer haunted house or a party-winning costume, you can enter by November 7 to win some nice prizes.
  • Just as annual is the debate over sexy costumes, Hortense at Jezebel suggests getting more creative than schoolgirl with "sexy bag of microwave popcorn" or "sexy Antarctica."
  • The Students Teaching Against Racism in Society project from Ohio University produced a really effective series of ads about culturally appropriating costumes. Which seems, sadly, not to have stopped everyone.
  • And for the policy side of the holiday, Mike Konczal takes a look at what a corrupt mortgage company's costumes mocking their customers says about the industry.