What’s a book loving family with oodles of books to do?

We give books away to friends, family, and organizations.  As members of, we also trade books.

How it works

We list our books in the database of over five million titles. We search for Newbery winners, cookbooks, research books, and best sellers. We swap books for other books. Each time we mail a book directly to another person, we accumulate a credit that we may use to select a book from the database.

Economic benefits

The only cost to us is the media mail postage. According to our account, my family has saved over $312.62 and all of the members combined have saved over $29,000,000.

The truth

Admittedly, the swap process takes a tad bit of work. On some days, we send as many as five books to various addresses. However, the addressed mailing labels make the process a cinch. On other days, we’re delighted when we receive a book that’s been on our wish list for several months.

We love the chance to share our love of reading with others.


Heather Villa


Heather Villa

Heather is a freelance writer whose byline has appeared in Living Green, The Entertainer, Firefighter Nation, and Just Between Us. She shares freshly baked scones and anything that she grows

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