Yesterday, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting released a new report on best practices in digital journalism. The bottom line, courtesy of the American University Center for Social Media, which authored the report:

  • Involve: Use digital platforms to provide information, motivation, and tools for users to participate in current affairs debates and related communities.
  • Go deeper: Integrate databases, maps, conversation tools, and video and audio extras to give users the information they crave by adding expanded coverage, or take on in-depth specializations such as investigative reporting or science news.
  • Reach new and non-traditional publics: Use digital platforms to engage with more targeted networks of users who share common identities, problems, issues or interests, including minority, ethnic, and low-income publics that are often underserved.
  • Repurpose, remix, recycle: Repurpose content by shifting it from one platform to another or aggregating news and data focused on specific issues. This helps build the layered information attractive to users.
  • Collaborate: Maximize resources focused on shared issues, locations, and user communities by involving different media outlets as well as related organizations, institutions, and publics.
  • Enable media literacy: Help users participate by teaching them how to take advantage of new media resources and become more frequent, more effective users.
  • Play with form to innovate and integrate new technologies: Innovate with new formats, interfaces, and platforms for delivering news and information and for fostering audience engagement.
  • Promote political discussion and participation: Political issues spark rigorous discussions and inspire action. Take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen connections to users by informing them how to get involved, who to contact, and where to participate.
Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

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