Media theorist and activist Doug Rushkoff has just published a new book, Present Shock, which takes on the massive changes going on in the way we experience time, social interaction, and business organization. (I interviewed Doug on Shareable for the book's launch).

Rushkoff is one of the leading theorists arguing for a shift from the big Economy toward smaller, local solidarity economies, advocating for alternative currencies, time banks and more direct economies of scale. He outlines these ideas, alongside an excellent critique of the current organization of the economy, in a new Photo Comic made by Seth Kushner. Kushner has a whole series of Photo Comics, podcasts and articles, made from original photos and interviews with thinkers, writers, musicians, entertainers and artists, and they all make for great reads. They're available here.

The entire comic is embedded below, you can also read it in slideshow fashion at the original site. It's well worth the read.




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