The sharing of food is a common topic on Shareable, from the Sunday Soup meals that raise money for community projects to the cottage food laws that allow homemade goods to be sold. Rarely does the topic collide with something as fanciful as design, though… until now.

Austrian designers Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara recently won the NWW Design Awards at Vienna Design Week with a mobile kitchen they crafted as a means to share food and make friends in public spaces. In practical terms, the design involves a wheelbarrow-like cooking cart with a separate movable/collapsible table that comes complete with 10 folding stools.

From a social perspective, the Mobile Gastfreundschaft (mobile hospitality) unit allows its users to set up shop just about anywhere, then cook and share a meal with whomever happens to wander by. In doing so, the movable kitchen can take advantage of public spaces in new ways, building communities one bite at a time.

Aside from kollectiv stadtpark (Rosinke and Chmara), the project also involved Art Design Feldkirch and Tschabrun Wood. The entire Mobile Hospitality structure is created from pine to imbue a very simple, DIY aesthetic. Additional functionality comes from the foot-operated water pump and the pots of herbs.

Kelly McCartney


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