If you were launched into space tomorrow, you would feel excitement, nervousness, pride, fear, boredom…

And then: You would have a profound shift in perspective.

It’s called “The Overview Effect,” and according to these astronauts, it happens to everyone who looks back at Earth from space. Seeing the Blue Marble in person changes you. You realize how fragile we all are, protected from the void by just a thin layer of sky, and deeply interconnected. You’ve never had goose-bumps for so long.

But, since you’re probably not planning a space trip in the next couple of weeks, watch this goose-bump-inducing video, from Planetary Collective. You’ll get a desk-sized version of the same perspective shift:

PS – If you’re short on time, my favorite clip starts at 7:14 and ends with a gorgeous view of lightning storms from space. over photo via NASA





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