In 2018, we engaged you in our solutions reporting more than ever. We were blown away by the insightful feedback and numerous story ideas you shared. This year, we're sharpening our focus further. We want to report on the critical issues that are underreported, but we need your help to identify great story ideas. That's why we're launching the "Ask Shareable" campaign. We want to know what really bothers you, but goes unreported. We want to know about important solutions that haven't gotten the attention they deserve. We want to know what isn't being talked about, but should be at the center of discussion. 
We also want to know what you, your loved ones, and your community are most concerned about — and what's being done, if anything, to address those concerns. Please be as specific as possible. Your feedback will help us understand what you care most about and inform our coverage. Please fill out the form below to share your ideas now. Thank you!


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