There are now more than 50,000 registered Little Free Libraries around the world. Within this little library ecosystem, there is a growing number of themed libraries — including libraries that are styled after the natural world and science fiction characters. As we get ready to enter the winter months in the northern hemisphere, here are seven of our favorite garden-themed Little Free Libraries to remind us of bright spring days.

1. Garden Roof

Now, here's an awesome way to connect and green your community — this Little Free Library offers both books and herbs.

2. Beekeepers

This Little Free Library in Pittsburg, Kansas, is a celebration of bees and beekeeping. It is made from real bee hive boxes and the roof is described as "modified garden hive style." Oh, and there's also a honeycomb stencil inside!

3. Story Tribute

This one in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is dedicated to a woman named Gladys, who loved to sew, garden, and cook. It features garden flowers, baked goods, and sewing supplies.

4. Reading Thyme

This Little Free Library in Tolland, Connecticut, has a living roof and window boxes. It addition to books, it also houses a recipe and seed exchange. Visitors are encouraged to write in a garden journal about "what books were brought or exchanged, wildlife observed, new neighbors met, interesting recipes discovered, seeds shared, and monarch butterflies watched." 

5. Garden Shed

You can't have a garden without a few tools. This Little Free Library in Houston, Texas, which is decorated painted to look like a garden shed, was a collaboration between a local cabinet maker and a local artist. 

6. Flowers and Cheer

This cheerful Little Free Library in Dallas, Texas, is a celebration of flowers, birds, rainbows, and more.

7. Mushroom

While not strictly a garden-themed Little Free Library, this little mushroom is too adorable to pass up. 

Do you have a favorite garden-inspired Little Free Library? Let us know in the comments!


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