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Every year on April 1, marketing wizards across the globe unleash a torrent of cleverness in an attempt to make us laugh and, of course, buy their products. This year, with collaborative consumption being such a hot trend, a few companies decided to poke fun at the sharing economy.

Honda got into the game with a spoof video on the first DIY Honda Car. The couple in the piece like to make their own kombucha, so why not their own car…even if it comes in 180,000 individual parts. 

Grabbing a domain and setting up a whole splash page for their prank, the Airbnb team made a video about desk sharing by the hour…Airbrb. They may well be on to something!

Although Lyft, Über, and the other ridesharing services do what they can to ensure the quality of their drivers, some duds are bound to slip through, now and then. Lyft took that notion and ran with it.

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