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On October 24th the citywide sharingday will be organised.
The theme of the day will be "Picture it!" We'll take you along on a journey, sketching the possibilities of a sharing city. At the end of the day you will not only be inspired. You will feel and know sharing is within reach. Possibilitys are allready there. The only thing left is your choice wether or not you will jump in to this world of sharing an abundance.

Program: Opening Plenary with keynote speaker André van Stigt, architect of De Hallen in Amsterdam. He changed a national monument, a former tram depot, into a sutainable vibrant centre for socially engaged entrepreneurs.

Keynote Nils Roemen and Juul Martin will guide you along the landscape of the sharingcity. For example imagine what would happen if you were to turn one appartment building into a sharing building. As a start local stakeholders will sign a statemenent endrosing the sharing city and contributing towards builing this sharing city.

You can enjoy our free lunch made of shared food.


the afternoon programm concists of a Sharing Market, Bargain Market, workshops, presentations and a gift hotspot. 

Curious? be welcome October 24 Droom Villa LUX 10:00-17:00 click here to register



Nils Roemen


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I see it every day; we live in a world of great abundance. The only thing we have to do smarter is to equally share this abundance. That's what keeps

Things I share: transport, food, workingspace, knowledge, things.