On September 23rd, the Community Organizing Resource Exchange (CORE) conference will launch their movement to bring authentic community to neighborhoods, cities, civil society, social enterprises, and beyond.

CORE is convening leading community practitioners like Mark Lakeman of City Repair, R. Scott Spann of Innate Strategies, and Jono Bacon of the Ubuntu Community for a unique cross-sector exchange of ideas, tools, and best practices for community building.

I hope you'll join me at the CORE.

You can learn more about CORE here. And as a Shareable community member, you can save $100 off registration here with this discount code: SHARE100. REGISTER >>

Shareable is a proud sponsor of theCOREconference (all one word!). There's never been a better time to bring authentic engagement into collective life. The converging economic and environmental crises demand more democratic approaches to managing society. A change in intention is not enough. Global society cannot operate in the same manner that caused crisis and expect different results. A fundamental shift in how we create our world is required. 

And while there is a convergence of crises, there is also a convergence of solutions. A unique set of  tools, technologies, and trends have emerged that open up a world of possibilities – including the possibility that we can meet crisis intelligently. The social web, mobile technologies, agile development, urban design, resilience thinking, collaborative consumption, and localization are just a sample of the new solution set.

TheCoreconference offers concerned citizens, practitioners, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists the ultimate platform to explore this new world of possibilities.  


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