It's been an exciting few weeks at Shareable. We released our new book, "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" and an ambitious crowdfunding campaign. The book, which builds upon the work we've been doing for years, documents tangible and replicable people-powered solutions to some of the most daunting problems facing the world today. We're thrilled by the response to the campaign so far. In 23 days, we've raised nearly $17,000 and distributed over 200 books. Thank you to everyone who has contributed — we're so grateful. In order to reach our goal of raising $100,000, we're going to need even more readers to pitch in.

Your donation will have a real and direct impact on our work. If we're able to raise $100,000, we can catalyze more action through a community-driven book tour, deepen our reporting in marginalized, overlooked communities, and double the number of people we engage through our storytelling.

When we surveyed our readers last year to understand how Shareable has impacted their lives, a whopping 83 percent said that it changed their life positively. Has our reporting encouraged or challenged you to make changes in your life or think about the world differently? Then please donate today. You'll receive a copy of "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" as well as other awesome Shareable-themed thank you gifts.

Chris Rankin


Chris Rankin

Chris Rankin is the former Development Manager at Shareable. Before joining Shareable, Chris spent two and a half years running the development department for Marin Community Clinics, a non-profit medical

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