One of Shareable’s core projects this year is to produce a new book and digital database comprised of case studies and model policies to support the growth of Sharing Cities. We have covered sharing extensively in its many forms for more than six years, from little free libraries on street corners to distributed and cooperative platforms. We are now excited to highlight how cities around the world are being reimagined.

This is where you come in. For the next 30 days, our international team will be searching the globe for exemplary projects and legislations that are already showcasing what our cities can, and should, look like. While we have an excellent group leading this process, we need your help to increase the breadth and depth of our search.

We are currently examining 12 core civic sectors for the book as well as other sectors to be included in our database: housing, food, mobility, work, land, water, energy, waste, information and communications technology, culture, finance, and governance.

Do you know of case studies or current policies that should be included? Please contribute to the success of this project by filling out this form.

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Tom Llewellyn is a community organizer, consultant, and storyteller promoting people-powered solutions for the common good. He’s the strategic partnerships director for, executive producer and host of the

Things I share: Food, Stories, Time, Skills, Tools, Cars, Bikes, Smiles, Clothes, Music, Knowledge, Home, Land, Water, and so much more!