Shareable's Neal Gorenflo keynoting at OuiShare 2014

Interested in hearing from our in-house experts as well as other thought leaders about the sharing revolution? In the coming months, our founder and editor Neal Gorenflo and organizing director Tom Llewellyn will be speaking at various conferences across the globe about the crucial role that sharing plays in our lives and our communities. We love and value meeting our readers in-person so we hope to see you at one or all of the events listed below.

If you can’t make it, explore our calendar, where we compile sharing events happening around the world. And sign up for our weekly newsletter and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on upcoming events.

Spring and summer 2016 schedule:

North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum
April 8-10, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Speaker (Virtual): Tom Llewellyn 

Israel JIIS Conference
April 14, in Jerusalem, Israel
Speaker: Neal Gorenflo

What is the Sharing Economy and What Could it Do for Palestine?
April 16th, Gaza/West Bank, Palestine
Speaker (Virtual): Tom Llewellyn 

New Vienna Congress
April 21-22, in Vienna, Austria
Discussant: Neal Gorenflo

Argentina Semana de la Economía Colaborativa 2016
May 5-7, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Speaker: Neal Gorenflo

Ouishare Fest 2016: After the Gold Rush
May 18-21, in Paris, France
Speaker: Tom Llewellyn

New Cities Summit 2016
June 21-23, in Montreal, Canada
Speaker: Neal Gorenflo

We’ll continue to add more details to this list, so please check back often.

If you’d like Neal and/or Tom to speak at your next event, feel free to send us a note at info [at] shareable [dot] net.