Shareable provides a range of services including presentations, workshops, editorial projects, online promotion, event support, market research, and strategic advisory. 

Our work with clients is most often leading or augmenting the communications facet of a mission-aligned philanthropic project. Our specialty is catalyzing positive trends — helping clients attract human, social, and financial capital. That requires keen insight into trends and the types of stories that could accelerate them.

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Advisory & Consulting

Shareable provides strategic insight and advice to leaders in business, government, and nonprofits in our areas of expertise on a spot or retainer basis. We leverage our years of experience, both covering and working in this field to provide tailored service offering packages.

  • Virtual presentation
  • Market research
  • Hourly advisory
  • Retainer advisory
  • 1/2 Day seminar
  • Multi-stakeholder Working Group facilitation
  • Corporate or organizational learning journey
  • Sharing Cities Tours [currently in the San Francisco Bay Area]

Editorial & Public Engagement

Shareable produces editorial series, books, guides, feature stories, case studies, and research reports to educate, inspire, and mobilize citizens to make positive changes in their lives, organizations, and communities. We're available to design online  campaigns for both quantitative and qualitative engagement.

  • Editorial Projects
  • Communications Support
  • Event Media Partnership
  • Site Sponsorship

Event Participation & Design

Shareable offers keynote speeches, workshops, conference track design, reporting, promotion, and content design services to conferences, retreats, and other events worldwide. Shareable is adept at tailoring event content according to the needs of event hosts.

  • Keynote speeches
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Panel moderation
  • Program development and event design
  • Multi-stakeholder project development