Principles of the Next Economy (part 1)

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Join us for the next installment of our Next Economy MBA Series, in which we share the first five principles of the framework for a better future! These principles are evolving guideposts and design considerations that can help business owners move towards benefitting all life.

In focus today are how businesses can meet basic needs, create shared ownership, aim for democratic structures, support local community, and perpetuate learning and problem-solving. The overarching idea here, shared by all the principles we discuss, is to disrupt systems of oppression and facilitate collective liberation.

One of the things that these principles allow us to do, through the synergy of their implementation, is the continuation of the work that solves problems and elevates the lived experiences of real people. Here at LIFT Economy, we truly believe in this message of sharing and generosity, and the communal goal of a better life and economy for everyone.

Key Points From Principles of the Next Economy (part 1):

  • How does my endeavor strive to meet basic needs? [0:04:37]

  • The importance of shared ownership. [0:08:53]

  • Reasons for democratizing governance and decision-making. [0:13:35]

  • Designing businesses to ensure support for the local community. [0:19:54]

  • Prioritizing education and the necessary long-term vision. [0:24:43]

  • A reminder of the need for self-care, community, and generosity. [0:32:49]


“We believe that there is so much evidence, that many if not most enterprises right now are actually not striving to meet basic needs, and certainly not striving to do that in an equitable way.” — Erin Axelrod [0:05:06]

“Oftentimes ownership is equated with getting a share of the profits or the benefits of the organization.” — Shawn Berry [0:10:40]

“Democratizing governance allows us to really lean into making sure that everyone’s needs are met.” — Erin Axelrod [0:17:25]

“With the principles, we are trying to step back and look at the whole picture and see how much we can maximize benefit on any given organization.” — Shawn Berry [0:24:19]

“We are trying to deploy a solution to benefit humanity, and we are not necessarily trying to privatize the solution.” — Shawn Berry [0:29:50]

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