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In this episode of Next Economy Now, Ryan Honeyman, a partner and worker-owner at LIFT Economy, interviews Andrew Baskin, executive fellow at LIFT Economy. Baskin is currently finishing his bachelor's of science in sustainable agriculture and food systems, with an emphasis in regenerative and cooperative economics, at the University of California, Davis. He represents a core constituency of millennials — young, passionate social entrepreneurs who are helping create ethical, sustainable businesses. 

In this interview Honeyman and Baskin discuss:

  • Self-directed learning and Baskin's "Sustainability and Community Food System Cali-Euro Bike Tour"

  • Leveraging sweat equity and resourcefulness instead of financial capital

  • Vermicomposting (aka worm composting) as a possible regenerative enterprise

  • Current benefits and drawbacks for Next Economy millennials in higher education

  • Nexus Blindness – A term Baskin coined to describe a cause of unethical or shortsighted so-called "solutions" that produce unintended consequences

  • Systems Thinking, ethics, and understanding values as an integrated lens

  • Valuing the knowledge systems and intellectual capital of marginalized cultures

  • Stephen DeBerry's "Deberry Hypothesis"

  • Dave Snowden's "Cynefin Framework" (Cynefin, pronounced ku-nev-in, is a Welsh word that signifies the multiple factors in our environment and our experience that influence us in ways we can never understand)

If you only have two minutes, click here for a highlight from the interview.

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Next Economy Now highlights the leaders who are taking a regenerative, bio-regional, democratic, transparent, and whole-systems approach to solving social and environmental challenges.  The goal of this podcast is to identify the trends, tips, and best practices that will help listeners better harness the power of business as a force for good.

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Next Economy Now is produced by LIFT Economy and highlights the leaders that are taking a regenerative, bio-regional, democratic, transparent, and whole-systems approach to using business as a force for good.