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How do the personal choices we make for our lives and daily habits impact the larger community and the future of a better world? This is a question that we don’t think is asked often enough. One of the founding principles of LIFT Economy and the Next Economy Podcast is the centering of collective needs instead of individual desires and today we are sharing some powerful strategies for how these can actually be brought into alignment.

Life design enables us to make a marked difference on a greater scale and the small steps of curiosity and creativity can help us transcend our assumptions and explore exciting available options. By sharing these ideas and helpful tools in today’s show, we hope to inspire pathways of increased connection and some reformulation of practices around consumption practices.

Erin Axelrod and Phoenix Soleil have a great dialogue in which they talk from personal experience and in a more generally pragmatic way; covering ideas of interdependence, housing, retirement, and much more. Another vital piece of the MBA series that we have been so excited about bringing to you. This is an unmissable episode, so make sure to join us.

Key Points From Personal Strategies and Life Design:

  • Misconceptions about interdependence and the myth of self-reliance in the US. [0:05:24]
  • Rethinking our relationship with the idea of consumption. [0:08:07]
  • Structure and support for new kinds of life design. [0:17:46]
  • Meeting our housing needs in different ways. [0:25:14]
  • Cultural baggage that we carry as a result of external pressures. [0:32:12]
  • The tools we offer for smarter retirement saving. [0:35:35]
  • A few examples of the incredible work that is being done in life design right now. [0:37:59]
  • Time and the state of the world; how space and creativity can aid us against the crises we face. [0:42:14]


“Life design is actually an opportunity for us to forge more connections and become more close to others with different life experiences.” — Erin Axelrod [0:07:51]

“These systems take time, but it gives you such a different quality of life.” — Phoenix Soleil [0:17:38]

“How do we make decisions about collective use of resources and what are the nuts and bolts of collectivizing resources and having shared pools?” — Erin Axelrod [0:28:35]

“To me, time is the most valuable thing, ever.” — Phoenix Soleil [0:31:25]

“We have got to think of a move from an economy that compartmentalizes and exploits people to an economy that embraces the whole person.” — Erin Axelrod [0:35:35]

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