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How much has your daily routine and overall life changed since the time prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? As a global community, there’s been a dramatic shift over the past year, not just in our day-to-day operations and decision-making, but also how society has shifted within the areas of mutual aid, climate activism, vaccine production, racial justice, police accountability and more. 

Here at Shareable, we’ve been documenting the many ways people have come to one another’s aid over the past year in what we’ve called, The People’s COVID-19 Response. We’re seeing more folks come together to create all kinds of mutual aid groups. In fact, we created a resource on how to create a mutual aid network

Recently, Shareable’s Executive Director, Neal Gorenflo, spoke with The Reveal podcast about the importance of mutual aid, and it’s role in disaster recovery as well as democracy as a whole. 

If you’re not on Apple podcasts, listen to the entire conversation here, and also check out our mutual aid and COVID-19 resource guides:

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