Leaders, artists and creative entrepreneurs have plugged into Kickstarter, a relatively new funding platform that utilizes a new form of patronage sometimes called crowd funding. With an all or nothing proposal, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. The following are unique projects seeking backers now that are, well, Shareable!

1. Urban Farm & Food Directory by Esperanza Pallana, Oakland, California

Farm Food Connect is home to the urban farm and food directory, a free searchable listing of people that offer farm and food related items and services for exchange by trade, education, or currency. The directory is designed to facilitate: local food production; cottage industry in farm and food; creative and effective systems of exchange.  Listings include:

  • Edible garden/farm plots to share
  • Organic fruits & veggies
  • Food preparation knowledge (cheese, jams, brews, meats)
  • Volunteer & apprenticeship opportunities
  • Food and farm knowledge & skills to share

2. Symbionomics, by Alan Rosenblith, Portland ,Oregon

Symbionomics is a media project about the new economy. As we face unprecedented global challenges, people all over the world are fundamentally reimagining economics.

The internet has caused an economic shift every bit as important as the Industrial or Agricultural Revolutions. Thousands of bottom-up solutions are leveraging mobile and social media, open-source values, collective intelligence and other emerging patterns. These crowd-driven innovations are combining –symbiotically- into a truly novel way of living and doing business. Symbionomics seeks to capture the visions, ideas, and experiences that tell a new story.

3. Fruiting Up The Place by Maria Erlandson, Detriot, Michigan

Fruiting Up the Place creates beautiful public space. With the help of local artisans, landscapers, gardeners, and residents we will design and create a beautiful edible public space. The space will be outfitted with fruit trees, berry bushes, compost bin, rainwater collection, park benches, walk-ways, etc. Fruiting Up the Place will:

  • Create a beautifully fruity public space/park.
  • Creates much needed jobs by hiring folks to maintain the spaces.
  • Educate people on how to live a healthier more self-sustained lifestyle.

The fruit orchards will be open to the public. Local residents and passerby’s are welcomed to walk on in: sit and breath and enjoy the ambiance.

4. The Bees of Crockett by Earl Flewellen, Crockett, CA

In a time when foodsheds need to be local and honeybees are threatened by environmental degradation, supporting a new local bee farm is the perfect step in reinventing the food system. E.G. Flewellen’s Bee Farm will produce delicious artisanal honeys and help bees thrive in good health by providing safe refuge from pesticides and taxing agricultural practices, which are at the center of the Colony Collapse Disorder crisis. E.G. Flewellen’s Bee Farm will manage hives without the use of synthetic chemicals on pesticide-free land, far from conventional crop agriculture.

5. Morels Vegan Food Truck by Stanley Chase III, Louisville, Kentucky

Support Morels, the vegan food truck that specializes in vegan Americana fusion. The truck would use all local businesses and produce, as well as, be a vehicle for organizing pet adoptions.




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