In Culture Pt. 2: Communication, Shawn & Phoenix share their comms backgrounds and break down business-related benefits of emotional safety.

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Welcome back to the MBA series, where we review the arc of the learning journey presented in the Next Economy MBA online course. This episode tackles the topic of non-violent, collaborative communication and why it’s so important when it comes to making a genuine impact in the world.

LIFT Economy partners Shawn Berry and Phoenix Soleil share their backgrounds in communication and break down the business-related benefits of emotional safety in the workplace. We discover what it takes to create a safe space and learn tools for facilitating a more collaborative workspace. Consciousness and curiosity are everything when it comes to healthy communication, so tune in to find out why that is and how to foster an environment of compassionate communication in the workplace and beyond.

Key Points From Culture Pt 2: Communication:

  • Motivation for launching the MBA series. [0:00:29]
  • LIFT Economy partner Phoenix Soleil’s background in non-violent communication. [0:01:52]
  • LIFT Economy’s approach to communication and connection. [0:05:21]
  • Why communication is so important when it comes to making an impact. [0:06:16]
  • Shawn Berry’s background, as it relates to communication. [0:08:04]
  • What it takes to create a safe space. [0:09:42]
  • An introduction to non-violent communication. [0:12:05]
  • The business-related benefits of emotional safety in the workplace. [0:18:27]
  • Tools to help companies to be more collaborative. [0:21:37]
  • The importance of consciousness and curiosity in non-violent communication. [0:24:35]

Tweetables from Culture Pt 2: Communication:

“We learned to communicate as children and if what we inherited worked better I think we’d have a different world than we have.” — Phoenix Soleil [0:06:26]

“If you have the typical business model, which has some pluses, one of the problems is sometimes people don’t tell you the truth because we’ve learned to be afraid of authority.” — Phoenix Soleil [0:07:21]

“When you’re trying to do things democratically and collaboratively, communication becomes really important. It becomes both the listing factor and the enabling factor.” — Shawn Berry [0:08:14]

“You can see within organizations that aren’t inviting input or practicing good communication, they have a disengaged workforce.” — Shawn Berry [0:08:56]

“Non-violent communication is so vast because it can be a way of not only understanding others but understanding yourself.” — Phoenix Soleil [0:12:31]

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