It's that time of the year for college seniors, and as some of our readers graduate, we're happy to collect some of the best Shareable pieces on post-graduate life. There's some good news and bad, but for graduates this is overwhelmingly a time of potential. And don't forget to stay tuned for the release of the eBook Share Or Die: Youth in Recession in June.

  • Cartoonist Jenna Brager takes a look at the upsides and downsides of graduation with her Post-Graduate Flowcharts of Misery and Pain as well as Limitless Potential.
  • For most grads, student debt is going to be a long-lasting problem. Read more about the education loan industry in Malcolm Harris's Bad Education.
  • Worried about moving back in with your parents? You're not alone. In "Flexible Lives, Flexible Relationships," Lauren Westerfield tells her story.
  • Graduated but not ready for the job market? Learn from Sarah Idzik's experience in "Unprepared."
  • Don't spend money on graduate school application fees without reading Jenna's graphic essay "Who Needs An Ivory Tower?"



Malcolm is a writer based in the Bay Area and the Life/Art channel editor at Shareable. His work has been featured on Alternet,, The Los Angeles Free Press, and