Happening this Saturday, May 7 at Hub SoMa, SHARE San Francisco will be an all-day unconference exploring how to strengthen the Bay Area as a platform for sharing. In celebration of SHARE San Francisco, we present a week of visions of the Shareable city. How is new technology and business models, intensifying urbanization, the empowerment of women and minorities, and a new generation’s preference for access versus ownership transforming the city? It’s these questions we’ll consider during SHARE San Francisco and all week long here on Shareable:

Rising Hopes for Mid-Sized Cities

The iPhone is the New Prius

City Budgeting & Gov 2.0: A Match Made in Heaven?

How to Grow a Garden on Your Balcony

Suburbs Ain’t What They Used To Be

Announcing SHARE San Francisco

How to (Un)conference at SHARE San Francisco

NOTE: join the SHARE SF livestream here. The broadcast starts at 9:00am PST on Saturday, May 7th.

Paul M. Davis


Paul M. Davis

Paul M. Davis tells stories online and off, exploring the spaces where data, art, and civics intersect. I currently work with a number of organizations including Pivotal and

Things I share: Knowledge, technology, reusable resources, goodwill.