Invisible Helmet Could Revolutionize Biking

Facebook has been all atwitter recently over a post on Jalopnik that features an invisible bike helmet. Developed by a Swedish design team over the course of seven years, the Hövding helmet has made quite a splash because, let's face it, NO ONE likes to wear a bike helmet. Many riders wear one anyway, but they don't like it.

A whole other faction of folks shun biking altogether in places where helmets are required by law, a phenomenon that has been supported by various studies which look at the helmet habits of riders who own a bike versus those who use bikesharing programs. 

While the Hövding team definitely deserves a hat tip for their dedication and ingenuity, the cost for their helmets is going to need to drop from the current $535 (399) price tag if they're going to truly revolutionize biking in the way they hope. And such an incredibly cool product deserves revolutionary status.