If Twitter is your thing, you've undoubtedly noticed that it can be an amazing source of valuable information about almost anything. Below are over 100 sharing rockstars to help you keep up with what's happening in the sharing world.

This list is far from comprehensive. Our intention is to open the door to the wealth of sharing information and demonstrate how multi-faceted the sharing transformation is. Which rockstar sharing tweeters did we miss? Please let us know in comments.


OuiShare – A global network empowering citizens, public institutions and companies to build a collaborative society

Freelancers Union – Independents unite! Benefits, political action, resources and community. Connect with our founder at @Sara_Horowitz.

Mesh Labs – The Mesh is a global community in the share economy where access trumps ownership through p2p interactions. #shareeconomy #themesh

New Economy Coalition – Building an economy that is restorative to people, place, and the planet. #neweconomy

Center for a New American Dream – We empower Americans to improve their quality of life by taking action to consume responsibly, protect the environment, and build community.

P2P Foundation – Observing the impact of peer-to-peer, technology and thought on society. Keep updated by folllowing us!

PostGrowth Institute –  For a world focused on better, not bigger! New book –  Organize:,

Euro Freelancers – Independent #EU affairs professionals & investors specialised in #sustainability #openinnovation #crowdsourcing #sharingeconomy. Tweets by Marco Torregrossa.

Peers – A member-driven organization to support the sharing economy movement.

People Who Share – We are the global campaign to build a #sharingeconomy and founders of #globalsharingday

Share the World's Resources – For a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources

Transition Network – Official Transition Network Twitter Account. Mission: to inspire, encourage, support, connect and train the Transition Movement.

Transition US – Nonprofit organization providing inspiration, support, networking and training for @TransitionTowns Initiatives to build community resilience

Oh, and don't forget us, Shareable.

Photo: OuiShare


Lisa Gansky – entrepreneur. author. int'l speaker. Technology igniting economic transformation via collaboration. unused value = waste. cities as platforms for sharing

Rachel Botsman – Author & Founder of Collaborative Lab, helping companies governments and companies to embrace the collaborative economy to revolutionize business and society.

Natalie Foster – organizing, technology & movement-building. , co-founder.

Jeremiah Owyang – Chief Catalyst, Founder

Sara Horowitz – Freelancers Union founder and executive director (@freelancersu). Talking more about the future of the new economy at

Ronald Van Den Hoff – Dutch serial enterpreneur. CEO Office-, Meeting- & Cowork Spaces . Author . Trend Strategist. 3rdSpace. Serendipity.

Michel Bauwens – Follow @P2P_Foundation; updates on open and free, participatory, and commons developments

Janelle Orsi – Sharing economy lawyer, cartoonist, serious about creating a just and sharing world, Director of Sustainable Economies Law Center and Law Office of Janelle Orsi

Neal Gorenflo – Co-founder, Shareable

Milicent Johnson – #SharingEconomy evangelist tweeting about resilient communities, #Peers, #CollCons, design, economics, social justice, solutions, and cities.

Lauren Anderson – Chief Knowledge Officer @collcons , , passionate abt #collcons #sharingeconomy #socent #socialinnovation

Annie Leonard – California ·

Arthur De Grave – Connector @OuiShare & blogger @ccollab – P2P economy specialist & post-capitalist enthusiast – @HECParis & @SciencesPo Alumni

Albert Cañigueral – Innovación estratégica creando puentes con la economía colaborativa. Fundador de  y Connector @OuiShare desde Barcelona.

Francesca Pick – Global Connector @OuiShare • co-chair @OuiShareFest looking to create more sustainable and collaborative societies. #collecon #trust #p2p

Benjamin Tincq – co-founder @OuiShare • co-chair @OuiShareFest • connecting dots on the future of society in the age of communities • i love design, open culture & techno music

Simone Cicero – Strategist in love with #openculture and the #p2p revolution. A blog about change and society. Founder @hopentt. Connector @ouishare.

Antonin Leonard – Co-Founder @OuiShare / @OuiShareFest / @Ccollab. Social Innovator, Collaborative Economy Strategist, Community Builder. Free Mind. ♥ #Argentina

Benita Matofska – Founder & Chief Sharer of @compareandshare world's 1st comparison marketplace of #sharingeconomy and global movement @peoplewhoshare #GlobalSharingDay

Sunil Paul – Co-founder & CEO of @Sidecar

Anne-Sophie Novel – Docteur en économie, journaliste blogueuse invitée pour @lemondefr #Alternatives #MêmepasMal / Fondatrice d'@Ecoloinfo / Auteur @lecolab @locavorespirit

Robin Chase – Now: Buzzcar, p2p carsharing; Veniam, vehicle mesh. Founder & former CEO Zipcar. Focus on open solutions, pragmatic implementation & real-time CO2 reductions.

Arun Sundararajan – professor @NYUStern & @NYU_CUSP. fascinated by how #digital disrupts and transforms. #sharingeconomy #uid #privacy #bigdata #social #city #socent #mooc #NCM14

Kevin Doyle Jones – helping build the social capital market.

April Rinne – Globetrotter. Chief Strategy Officer at Collaborative Lab: @collcons@ShareableCity, sharing economy ecosystem. @YGLVoices. In love with life.


Collab Consumption – Collaborative Consumption is the explosion in traditional sharing, lending, renting and swapping redefined through tech and peer communities #CollCons

myTurn – The collaborative economy for organizations: myTurn makes it easy for businesses, universities and communities to rent, share and track tools & other products

Near-Me – A complete solution for setting up and managing your own marketplace. #sharingeconomy #Collcons

ShareTribe – Create an online marketplace.


Story of Stuff – Changing the way we make, use, and throw away Stuff so that we have a happier and healthier planet.

Post Growth Institute – For a #postgrowth world focused on better, not bigger. Forthcoming book –  We organize: ,

Post Carbon Institute – Founded in 2003, Post Carbon Institute is leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.

Sustainable Cities – We are a community of bloggers promoting civic sustainability and urban environmentalism. Join the conversation!

UnConsumption – We’re here to inspire by sharing ideas for mindful consumption and creative reuse. (@mollyblock tweeting) #upcycling #DIY

Transition Network – Official Transition Network Twitter Account. Mission: to inspire, encourage, support, connect and train the Transition Movement.


Free Coworking – Check out the Free Coworking Map and the CoWorking Calendar for Free Coworking Events and Spaces

DeskMag – The magazine about #coworking, its communities and spaces.

Seats2meet – Welcome at the official  International account. Join the conversation! (^VA : @VincentAriens ^SB: @sabineByou) @s2m #s2m #coworking

DesksNearMe – Desks Near Me is a simple and convenient way for mobile workers to find and book great work spaces. Love where you work!

DeskCamping – Where people meet (desks included)

Share Desk – #ShareDesk is a platform for flexible workplaces. Discover unique spaces to work, meet, and collaborate. #CollCons #Coworking

LiquidSpace – LiquidSpace. Choose a better space to work today. Contact us at


Sustainable Economies Law Center – Charting the changing legal territory of the new economy by providing legal education, research, advocacy, and advice to create just and resilient communities.

Sunlight Foundation – Sunlight is a nonpartisan nonprofit that uses technology to open up our government and make it more accountable.

Sunlight Labs – Shining sunlight on government data and eating burritos

Code for America – Government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. Help us make it so.

Public Knowledge – Fighting for your digital rights in Washington, D.C. RT's do not necessarily indicate endorsement.

Open Government Initiative – Official Twitter account of the White House Open Government Initiative

Open Knowledge – A collection of American Ambassadors for Open Knowledge @OKFN, for #OpenKnowledge in all forms. #opendata and beyond

Open States – @sunlightlabs project to collect and make available legislative information from every state, follow for latest updates on the project

Democracy Collaborative – The Democracy Collaborative focuses on the role community economic stability plays as an essential foundation of civic practice and democratic life.

Photo: Sustainable Economies Law Center


The Better Block – The Better Block Project spotlights news and information on how communities can develop rapid smart planning demonstration projects.

Neighborland – Make your neighborhood better.

Participatory Budget – We are not a unit anymore. We have morphed into the #ParticipatoryBudgeting Network and

Civic Hack – Open Data, Hyperlocal Social Change Technology, Gov 2.0, Civic Hacking, Government Transparency and Related Policy

Neighborly – is the best way for people, brands and foundations to invest in the places and projects they care about.

Be a Localist – BALLE creates real prosperity by connecting leaders, spreading solutions and driving investment resulting in strong local economies. – is an information clearinghouse and a network of action-oriented groups, focused on building community resilience.


Skillshare – Skillshare is an online learning community where the world’s best experts teach real-world skills. Follow @sksupport for help & general questions.

Khan Academy – Working to make a free, world-class education available for anyone, anywhere. And having fun while doing it. 🙂

Open University – Open to people, places, methods and ideas. The Open University provides high-quality university education to all.

Academic Earth – Online courses from leading universities.

OSS Watch – OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free software, open source software, and open source hardware.

Curriki – CEO Kim Jones heads Curriki, a global community working together to create quality open source materials that will benefit teachers and students everywhere.


Lyft – Your friend with a car. #lyft

Uber – Everyone's Private Driver. Question, concern or praise? Tweet at your local community manager here: … 🙂

Sidecar – Building the largest transportation network created for and powered by everyday people. Download the app to give and get rides from your mobile phone today. –  is the largest #carpooling or #carshare network in Europe. An easy way to save money and reduce CO2 / Tweets by Paul

Getaround – Rent great cars from people nearby starting at $5/hour. Earn up to $10,000/year. Join for free!

Zipcar – A community of folks who've found out that car sharing beats the heck outta car ownership. Tweeting from Zipcar HQ M-F 9-5 EST. Rules:

RelayRides – Rent cars from your neighbors for as low as $25/day. Own a car? Rent it out and earn thousands per year.

BlaBlaCarUK – This is @LauraCordrey from BlaBlaCar! I'm here to keep you up to date with our company news and all things #tech ►


Co-operatives UK – The UK trade body for co-operative and mutual businesses. We help grow the co-operative economy by promoting, developing and uniting co-operatives and mutuals.

Co-operative News – Connecting, championing and challenging the global co-operative movement. Follow us for the latest impartial news from the #coops sector.

International Co-operative Alliance – The International Co-operative Alliance is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide.

Cooperatives Europe – The voice of cooperative enterprises in Europe representing #123millionmembers · We promote #peoplecentred businesses · We believe #coops build a better world

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives – The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is the national grassroots membership organization that supports the growth and development of worker cooperatives.

New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives – NYC Worker Cooperative Business Association

Evergreen Cooperatives of Cleveland – Evergreen Cooperatives of Cleveland, Ohio are pioneering innovative models of job creation, wealth building, and sustainability.


Cohousing Movement – Intentional neighborhoods, private homes plus shared areas,common meals but our own kitchens. Privacy and community -the best of both worlds.


MetaCurrency – Building the core infrastructure for open sourcing money & currencies.

BitCoin – Bitcoin News, Information and Price Tweets

Collaborative Fund – Collaborative = (people x stuff) + new technologies^creativity

Slow Money – A new economic vision. An emerging network of investors, donors, and farmers rebuilding the economy from the ground up. Sign on


Project for Public Spaces – Project for Public Spaces: Pioneering #Placemaking through nonprofit #planning #design & training in 3000 communities & 43 countries; @EBKent tweeting

Future of Places – Transforming #Cities through #Placemaking & #PublicSpaces – Forum & conf series building to Habitat III – Ax:son Johnson Foundation @UNHabitat @PPS_Placemaking

Enabling City – Place-Based Creative Problem-Solving and the Power of the Everyday.

Public Space Lab – 公共空間ラボ:Public Space:how is it represented|used|appropriated|contested|socially constructed?


Open Streets Project – Opening Streets to People, Sharing Best Practices,Transforming Communities

Complete Streets – the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of @SmartGrowthUSA

Right To The City – RTTC is a response to gentrification and a call to halt the displacement of low-income people, LGBTQ, and youths of color from their urban communities.

Evolve Cities Project – #Sharing & connecting empowering ideas (#commons #p2p #integral #placemaking) & facilitating #collaboration for the inner & outer evolution of your city.

Sprawl Repair – Sprawl: the principal cause of lost open space, natural habitat, increases in air & water pollution, obesity and more. Let's Repair it into livable communities.

Creative Suburbs – Cities [can provide] something for everybody, only because, & only when, they are created by everybody. Join the conversation.

Land Use Integrity – Sensible, smart growth policy solutions that ensure the long-term viability of American communities.

Inclusive Cities – Inclusive Urban Planning for the Working Poor.

Urban Land Institute – Official ULI Twitter Handle. Providing leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Engaging Cities – Online magazine that shares creative strategies and new technologies to foster public engagement for livable communities.

Urban Data – Sharing info about cities, w/focus on progressive urban planning, inequality, health equity, data & indicators. Views my own. Mark Abraham Executive Dir @CTData

Raise the Hammer – We believe in our city's potential and are involved in making the city a more vibrant, livable place to live and work.

C40 Cities – The C40 is a network of the world's largest cities committed to implementing sustainable climate-related policies locally to help address concerns globally.

Center for Urban Future – NYC-based think tank that produces in-depth reports and workable policy solutions on the critical issues facing our cities

Ideas for Cities – GOOD Ideas for Cities pairs creatives with civic leaders to address urban issues. An initiative of @GOOD and @CEOsforCities with support from @ArtPlaceAmerica

Sustainable Urbanism – Observations, Ideas, Realities, Possibilities, Critiques for Sustainable Countries/ Regions/ Cities/ Towns/ Villages/ Places

Shareable City – Helping cities around the world embrace and leverage the collaborative economy – powered by Collaborative Lab.

Compassionate Cities – Amplify the compassionate voice in the world. Join Karen Armstrong in her TED-prize winning quest — sign the Charter now.


Complete Streets – the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of @SmartGrowthUSA

StreetFilms – 600+ short films about livable streets, traffic, bicycling, mass transit & more from all over the world. Use them to advocate/change your city!

StreetsBlog Network – The national blog network for sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets.


On the Commons – On the Commons is a citizens’ network that highlights the importance of the commons in our lives, and promotes innovative commons-based solutions.

School of Commoning – We educate&colearn 4a commons culture&social renewal,cocreating alternatives2 market&state eg via Workshops&Emergence 4Commons Economics..

Commonomics – Special reporting on building strong local economies, by, with and for local people! A collaboration between @YesMagazine & @GRITtv


Creative Commons – Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of ©.

Free Music Archive – Free music that wants to be shared! New iPhone App:

Open Culture – The best FREE cultural & educational media on the web. Features free courses, movies, audio books, eBooks & thought-provoking daily posts. Edited by @DanColman.

Public Domain Review – Online journal and cabinet of curiosities dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web.

Open GLAM – OpenGLAM is a global network of people and organisations who are working to open up content and data held by Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

[Editor's note: There are numerous country-specific Creative Commons twitter accounts. Search "Creative Commons" in Twitter.]


Open Source Way – Amplifying the power of the open source way–Tweets from

Open Plans – Non-profit tech org building open source tools for better cities and transportation.

Open Source Ecology – We're developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs on the Internet for free.

Ada Initiative – Supporting women in open source, Wikipedia, open hardware, and more. Applications now open for AdaCamp Portland, June 21-22 2014:

Open Source Initiative – The OSI, a non-profit corporation with global scope, supports education in & advocacy for the benefits of open source software & communities.

Open Source Cities – A global collection of the best ideas on the future of cities. Publisher/Editor: @marcalt. #urbanism, #opendata, #eco #design, #cities

Source Forge – Your Trusted Source for Open Source. Subscribe to the newsletter at


Library As Incubator – We work to highlight artists & projects that have been “incubated” in part by library collections and spaces, & give librarians and artists a place to connect.

Digital Public Library of America – The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) brings together the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums, and makes them freely available to all.

Digital Shift – On Libraries and New Media, powered by @LibraryJournal and @SLJournal | Tweets by @BarbaraAGenco

Urban Libraries Council – ULC's work focuses on assisting public libraries to identify & utilize skills & strategies that match the challenges of the 21st century.

Library Journal – Library views, news, and book reviews from LJ staffers

Little Free Library – *OFFICIAL* Twitter Account of LFL. A New way to promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide. Take a Book, Leave a Book

Photo: West Seattle Tool Library


Local Tools – Putting tools back to work in communities & businesses. The first online tool lending library management service – a product of @myturn. #sharing

West Seattle Tool Library – The West Seattle Tool Library shares free community access to a wide range of tools, training, and sustainable resources.

Halifax Tool Library – Putting tools in the hands of people who need them.

Toronto Tool Library – Resource sharing project for tools in Toronto! Two locations, Parkdale & Danforth East Makerspace. Community nights, workshops and classes. Come by for a visit!

Editor's Note: There are twitter accounts for a number of different tool libraries. Search "tool libraries" in Twitter.


Shareable – Shareable is a nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation. Subscribe to our weekly e-news here:

Neal Gorenflo – Co-founder, Shareable

Mira Luna – @trustcurrency West Coast, USA ·

Trista Kendall – Word nerd: cooks sustainably, climbs enthusiastically, reads voraciously, works at Shareable

Cat Johnson – Freelance writer focused on community, collaboration, commons, sharing, music. Pubs: @Shareable @YesMagazine @UtneReader. Musician, record store nerd, coworker.

Kelly McCartney – writer | thinker | producer — Between the Lines | Flipside Highway @ElmoreMagazine @Shareable @NoiseTrade @Velvetpark @NoDepression @PopMatters

Nina Misuraca Ignaczak – writer + editor

Beth Buczynski – Writer, editor, treehugger. Passionate about coworking & collaborative consumption. Author of @TheSharingBook. Skier. Zombie movie watcher.

Help us out. Who did we miss? What are some other must-follow sharing movement twitter accounts? Please let us know in comments.


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