Knowing that people like to share things they no longer need with their neighbors, Berto Aussems decided to construct an easy way to do so. His Free Things Box is sturdy and weatherproof, and it only comes with three rules:

  1. Open only during the daytime.
  2. Take only things you can use.
  3. Take only one thing at a time.

Much like the Little Free Libraries and Repair Cafés that seem to be cropping up around the globe, the Free Things Box is meant to lengthen the life of things and keep them out of landfills prematurely. As a bonus, though, Aussems has found that the Box brings with it a social component that gets neighbors interacting. His community took to the notion so well that it was suggested a larger Free Things Box be set up at the local community center.

Aussems made his frontyard Box on the smaller side for a cost of about $50 in materials and that is what he shows in the building plan and how-to video. However, your Free Things Box can be any size you need it to be.

Kelly McCartney


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