Q: How can I create a workplace that systemizes work-life balance, furthering the goals of the company while acknowledging individual personal development needs outside of the company as well?

A: Statsit is a Malaysia-based web analytics platform that strongly encourages work-life balance. In order to guarantee that employees have the chance to reflect and rejuvenate, the staff members at Statsit follow a unique work schedule. Everyone works six days a week for three weeks and then has one full week off. This practice essentially means that all staff members have a holiday once a month so they have time for personal development activities outside of the workplace.

Statsit is also an employee-owned company–workers collectively always own more than fifty percent of the company. This ownership structure is guaranteed by and written in the company’s by-laws, and can only be changed if the company is sold off to another entity. Additionally, the staff members commonly use voting to make decisions, large or small. Voting is frequently used spontaneously when staff members reach a decision-making point.

CEO and founder Mikko Kotila states, “My job is not the success of the company, but the success of each individual together as a collective. Success in health, spirit, and finance, and ultimately liberation. As a leader I see myself equally responsible for all the personal development dimensions of the employees, not just the professional ones. If you want to get different results, it makes sense to do things differently.”

Traci Fenton


Traci Fenton

Traci Fenton is the Founder + CEO of WorldBlu, which champions the growth of democratic organizations worldwide. As a leading expert in organizational democracy, she is recognized as one of