The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Democratizing Power

The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Democratizing Power by Anke Dregnet

Welcome to the second episode of the Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Democratizing Power.

This a special series of episodes that we’ve been sharing over the summer until Cities@Tufts officially resumes for our fourth season in the Fall.

Over the course of our lecture series, we’ve talked a lot about the crucial role that community plays in building alternatives to capitalistic models of access, resource distribution and social equity. We are living through a historic moment where the common crises – from climate change to the erosion of democracy, virulent racism and fascism — are constantly emerging and evolving.

It’s without blame, and fairly common, to get trapped in a kind of hopelessness that another world is attainable in the face of ever-growing systems of oppression. But we believe two things. Not only that another world is possible, but that it’s often already here. We believe that the world that our planet and everyday people need is often within reach, waiting for us to take hold,  take root, take action and to re-shape our everyday lives through radical collaboration, collective activism and a world of care.

This week we are joined by Hillary Renick, Kristania De Leon, and Naveen Agrawal to hear about different ways that power is being democratized – in finance, in municipal or community governance, and in recognizing traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) for resource management.

Cities@Tufts Lectures explores the impact of urban planning on our communities and the opportunities to design for greater equity and justice with professor Julian Agyeman and host Tom Llewellyn.

Cities@Tufts Lectures is produced by Tufts University and with support from The Kresge Foundation, Barr Foundation and SHIFT Foundation.

Lectures are moderated by Professor Julian Agyeman and organized in partnership with research assistant Deandra Boyle. Roame Jasmin is our producer, Robert Raymond is our audio editor, the graphic recording was illustrated by Anke Dregnet, and the series is produced and hosted by Tom Llewellyn.

“Light Without Dark” by Cultivate Beats is our theme song and Caitlin McLennon created this episode’s graphic.

The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Democratizing Power
The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy: Democratizing Power by Anke Dregnet

About the series

The webinar series on The Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy showcases the myriad ways that solidarity economy practices are providing models and pathways to build a more cooperative, democratic, equitable, and sustainable world — one in which many worlds fit.

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