Rev. Vernon K Walker: Communities responding to extreme weather

On Today’s show we explore how communities respond to extreme weather with Rev. Vernon K. Walker. Research has shown, over and over, how communities that are more connected fare much better doing periods of acute disaster. The more robust relationships and networks of solidarity that exist within communities, the more likely they are to weather the figurative and literal storms that are only increasing in frequency and severity with climate change. In other words, one of the best strategies for climate resilience is social resilience.

About the presenter

Rev. Vernon K. Walker is the program director for Climate CREW and was originally born and raised in Philadelphia. Rev. Walker attended Penn State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Organizational Leadership and a minor in Psychology. After graduating from Penn State University, Rev. Walker attended Boston University and earned a Master Degree in Theological Studies with a focus on community engagement.

Rev. Walker is currently earning a Master Degree in Public Policy at Tufts University Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning where he is a 2022 Neighborhood Fellow. Rev. Walker is also a recipient of the Robert Schalkenbach Scholarship for his studies.

About the series

Shareable is partnering with Tufts University on this special series hosted by professor Julian Agyeman (Co-chair of Shareable’s Board) and Cities@Tufts. Initially designed for Tufts students, faculty, and alumni, the colloquium has been opened up to the public with the support of Shareable, and The Kresge Foundation.

Cities@Tufts Lectures explores the impact of urban planning on our communities and the opportunities to design for greater equity and justice.

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