A Year of Living Locally

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“A Year of Living Locally” follows Shareable executive director Neal Gorenflo’s year-long experiment in local living with a foreword by co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Stacy Mitchell.
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Table Of Contents

Credits 2

Foreword 6

Introduction: How we can avert our society’s drift toward disaster by charting a different course 8

My uneven first steps in #LocalYear 14

Knocking doors for Cool Block with my son Jake 18

Despite jitters, I succeed in hosting a Cool Block introductory gathering 21

Time to give my #LocalYear teeth: 5 commitments to spur a more local lifestyle 24

Things got a whole lot more local than I expected due to coronavirus 28

My new pandemic routine 31

April is the cruelest month and a call to care 36

My #LocalYear progress so far 40

Finding my #LocalYear rhythm 45

Ramping up my #LocalYear activities 49

A busy, illuminating #LocalYear week 50

A neighborhood comes alive with possibility 54

When lightning strikes not twice, but 10,000 times 56

The indescribable lightness of being present 60

My neighbors complete Cool Block program; win award 63

Living hyper-locally, sharing globally 67

How my hyper-local COVID-19 year changed my consumption habits 71

Thankful for the land 76

Why I switched to a credit union from a big bank and why you should too 80

This is my family on local food 84

What I learned about government by fixing our community’s irrigation system 88

How I became hopeful again through a year of local, grassroots action 92

8 steps to take right now to live a more local life 99

Book round-up 102

Resources 104

Additional publications from Shareable 106