Below are's top 10 coolest upcycling projects submitted by members (in no particular order). All are made out of household packaging waste. All come with detailed Instructions showing you how to make them yourself and some are even available to buy! is a free web portal that shows you how to creatively reuse / upcycle your household packaging and everyday waste materials to make new desirable objects.

Founded by UK based product designers Jamie Billing and Tracy Cordingley, the organisation provides free tools and services so that users can publish (upload) or obtain (download) instructions on how to make creative products from reuse materials and a whole lot more…

1. 'Cyclehangers' by Oliver Staiano 

A set of coat hangers created from old Metal BMX Bike Parts

2. 'Mudguard Fruit Bowl' by George Wright

A powder coated metal fruit bowl, made entirely from reused Bicycle Components.

3. 'Not Just a Rubbish Chair' by James Salisbury

Upcycled chair, made from Reclaimed Furniture and shredded Plastic Drinks Bottles

4. 'Ripple Lamp' by Gemma Noakes

Lamp made from 'ripples' of Plastic Drinks Bottles.

5. 'Spoonboozer' by Michael Hannaford

A set of food serving utensils, made from Glass Spirit Bottles.

6. 'Capsule Collection Bracelet' by Caroline Draper

A bracelet made from upcycled Nespresso capsules.

7. 'The Shredded Collection' by Simon Wilsher

Three stools made from Reclaimed Furniture and Shredded Confidential Paper Waste.


8.'F1 RB7 Can Car by Thomas Glover

Hand-crafted replica of the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship winning car, produced from the waste of Red Bull Cans.

9. 'Tesco Bag Shoes' by Benjamin Perry

Shoes made from Tesco Shopping Bags and an old bike tyre.

10. 'End to End' by Ben Geller

End to End is bookend made from Upcycled Glass Spirit Bottles

Co-oproduct has a big vision and we're working very hard to push the boundaries of using everyday packaging as a source of raw material for the designing, making and manufacturing of new products.

Do you have a project that reuses household waste? We'd love to hear from you, please make us aware of it, or even better register as a member for free, submit it to us and we may even feature it on our website.

Jamie Billing


Jamie Billing

Jamie is a designer, academic and researcher. He is Co-Founder of Co-oproduct - the UK based online portal for the free-sharing of product design ideas focusing on MiY, Creative