Lego Bombing and the Art of Infrastructure

Lego Bombing
1) The art and act of integrating Lego sculpture into the landscape and cityscape in such a way that the piece adds to the scene. Typically, as an accent, a splash of color, or a form of commentary.  

2) The act of creating a Lego sculpture that is surreptitiously left for the intended recipient in a place where the sculpture and its placement have meaning to the recipient(s).  

Street art takes many forms. Oftentimes the displays are little more than attempts at drawing the eye or conveying a message. Sometimes, though, the two combine to great effect, pointing out glaring, gaping holes in the world around us. 

In the case of Lego Bombing, as it has become known, those holes -- and therefore, that art -- crop up in our crumbling infrastructure. The colorful plastic blocks are being snapped into walls, streets, and buildings all over the world courtesy of Dispatchwork

Here are some examples:

(All photos from Dispatchwork.)

Quito, Ecuador


Nabeul, Tunisia


Bocchignano, Italy


Tel Aviv, Israel


Toulouse, France


Arnsberg, Germany


Berlin, Germany


Valparaiso, Chile


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