Upcoming Events

February 2017

February 19 (All day) to March 12 (All day)
Free online course at Masters-level enabling you to understand the past, present and future role of money in society. 5th cohort starts 19th February 2017 and lasts 4 weeks. Highly interdisciplinary course, drawing upon anthropology, sociology, history and heterodox economics. Registration required.

March 2017

March 5, 12:30 pm
816 Valley Forge Road, Devon, PA 19333
Judy Wicks is an award-winning author, international activist and entrepreneur Her topic is creating a values-based regional economy that protects our water, air, and land for future generations, creates meaningful jobs, increases equality and builds healthy and joyful community life.
March 7, 6:30 pm
Free Webinar, Registration Required.
This training will take place online, and is for people familiar with participatory budgeting who would like to learn more about how to use it within a campaign. The webinar will feature speakers with experience in bringing PB to their communities and highlight the many resources PBP has available.
March 9,
8:30 am to 5:30 pm
La Tricoterie, Théodore Verhaegen 158, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Keynote speakers: Koen Frenken , professor of Innovation Studies at the University of Utrecht. Trebor Scholz , Professor of Culture and Media at The New School in New York and founder of the Platform Cooperativism Consortium. Michel Bauwens , author and co-founder of the peer-to-peer-foundation.
March 11, 12:30 pm
Hilton Austin Downtown 500 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701
Maira Sutton, Shareable’s Community Engagement Manager, will be speaking on a panel at SXSW Interactive. The discussion will focus on the sharing economy and the entry of socially innovative ridesharing enterprises that challenge monopolies like Uber by prioritizing public interests over profit.
March 16 (All day) to March 19 (All day)
Lisbon, Portugal
OuiShare Summits are where our international community meets twice a year to develop our organization and vision together, share knowledge between local communities, kick-start new projects and build relationships between our distributed team of Connectors and members.
March 16 (All day) to March 18 (All day)
6449 Old Pietila Road Clinton, WA 98236
Part of the perpetual challenge of our work is to quantify and make real—intellectually and emotionally—the opportunity that exists when we expand our vision of what can be done in each community.

April 2017

April 11 (All day) to April 16 (All day)
Quaker Center, Ben Lomond, CA
30 diverse visionaries, movement builders, organizers, impact investors, time bankers, entrepreneurs, & community leaders will gather for a week of deep listening, sharing, self discovery, systemic inquiry & true community building.
April 19 (All day) to April 22 (All day)
Avenida de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, 29006 Malaga, Spain
The New Economy and Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI) is now born. Its main objective is to design a roadmap established by experts and citizens around the world to guide governments towards a more sustainable society. 900 opinion leaders and social change-makers from over 60 different regions.
April 23 (All day) to April 29 (All day)
6000 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Join the VBC as we remove the false lines that divide us, and welcome each other as neighbors of this precious watershed, of this bountiful bioregion. We are all in each other's backyard and there is no doubt that we are all in this together! Lets take another step tighter toward learning how.
April 28 (All day) to April 30 (All day)
75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 3A6, Canada
The Global Summit will provide a collaborative and fun space for anyone in the world to explore the future of the Commons and sharing for users, creators, and activists. We will shift the narrative from CC-licensed content to the community that both creates and promotes the value of the Commons.
April 28 (All day) to April 30 (All day)
Toronto, Canada
This vital event will gather a global community of technologists, academics, activists, creatives, and legal experts to work together on the expansion and growth of the commons, open knowledge, and free culture for all.
April 29 (All day)
University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth St, Portland, ME
This year's series theme is "Building Resilient Communities", through Spirit in Action's Theory of Transformation to collectively transform the world by working with communities to Reimagine culture, Resist domination, Reform institutions and Recreate society.

May 2017

May 10 (All day) to May 14 (All day)
Parc Tecnològic Nou Barris, Marie Curie, 8-14, 08042 Barcelona
The 4th Conference’s goal is to reflect on social and complementary currencies as tools which, on being implemented by people themselves, nurture the social change in favor of a completely sustainable development.
May 17 (All day) to May 21 (All day)
Athens, Greece
To give the bottom-up urban innovators, the City Makers, a voice in the development of the Urban Agenda for the EU, "The Pact of Amsterdam," we organized the first New Europe City Makers Summit last year. In 2017 we will push this movement forward.
May 18 (All day) to May 19 (All day)
1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5
Every year, 200 delegates from 20 countries take part in this event, dedicated exclusively to the carsharing industry. The conference brings together the people who work hard day in day out to make carsharing a very real and viable mobility option and acts as a think-tank to move carsharing forward.
May 19 (All day) to May 21 (All day)
Nashville, TN
Cohousing basics as well as hot topics in sustainability and resiliency--energy efficiency, shared resources, and greener building; plus, how community sustains us for measurably healthier lifestyles. For those who are living it, those who are developing it, and those who are just dreaming about it.

June 2017

June 2 (All day) to June 11 (All day)
Portland, Oregon
City Repair hosts this annual convergence at sites all around Portland, OR, where people come together to create community spaces that feature public art, gathering places, permaculture gardens, and natural buildings and more, in a process we call "placemaking" + inspiring programming every night!
June 4 (All day) to June 10 (All day)
Global Sharing Week is the largest people-driven campaign helping millions discover the rapidly growing Sharing Economy.
June 5 (All day) to June 6 (All day)
Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13, Helsinki, Finland
The programme of WCEF2017 consists of 17 plenary and parallel sessions showcasing circular economy solutions for business, cities and finance. Two days of discussions, networking, workshops, side events and business excursions. The World Circular Economy Forum is free of charge to participants.
June 7 (All day) to June 9 (All day)
Incheon Songdo, South Korea
The leading global conference on the future of cities, bringing together 800 top CEOs, policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and thinkers from over 50 countries to shape the urban agenda.
June 8 (All day) to June 12 (All day)
We invite you to join our global hands-on event exploring Open Source for a sustainable Circular Economy in June 2017: Set up a local event and connect your event with other events across the globe! Sign up to host or join an event here: https://oscedays.org/participate/
June 9 (All day) to June 11 (All day)
Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON, M5S 2R4
Thinking of starting a Tool Library or Library of Things in your city/town? Want to improve what you're doing and learn from your peers? This is your chance to connect, socialize and learn from each other to help the sharing movement grow worldwide.
June 9 (All day) to June 11 (All day)
Athens, Greece
The next European SSE Congress (and RIPESS General Assembly) will take place, as decided in the last General Assembly in Villarceaux, Paris. The local organizing committee is coordinated by DOCK – Social and solidarity economy zone. DOCK is the Greek initiative that emerged from Solidarity for All.
June 9 (All day) to June 11 (All day)
New York, NY
This year's conference theme of "Resist and Transform" focuses on the potential for the cooperative to be a tool for both resistance in these volatile times as well as a building block for transforming our economy and society. Hundreds of worker cooperatives will join together to build a new economy
June 15 (All day) to June 16 (All day)
Lund University, Lund, Sweden
The 2 day event will explore conceptual, methodological and empirical questions such as concepts, methods, impacts, operations, geographical contexts, actors and governance. Detailed session info: http://www.iiiee.lu.se/research/the-4th-international-workshop-on-the-sharing-economy/workshop-sessions
June 19 (All day) to June 22 (All day)
1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5
Under the theme “Global Challenges: Major Cities in Action”, the Metropolis World Congress in Montréal hopes to get a hold on major cities’ new challenges and opportunities in a changing world where global and local issues overlap and where major cities are being called upon to play a greater role.

July 2017

July 5 (All day) to July 7 (All day)
Paris, France
OuiShare Fest is an interdisciplinary festival that gathers creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across sectors and countries who want to drive systemic and meaningful change.
July 10 (All day) to July 21 (All day)
Monte Ginezzo, Tuscany, Italy
Synergia Summer Institute is an intensive 2 week program that links the global with the local through the diffusion of transformative ideas, models, and practices that advance game-changing solutions for progressive change. Download the program http://bit.ly/syn2017 for complete details.
July 10 (All day) to July 14 (All day)
Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht, Netherlands
The IASC-Conference will be an excellent opportunity for scholars and practitioners from all over the world to meet each other, to learn from each other’s research and experiences, to exchange ideas, and to learn from successful examples of management and governance of common-pool resources.
July 12 (All day) to July 14 (All day)
MELBOURNE CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE 1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf VIC 3006 Australia
Our focus will be Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations, highlighting the need to deploy expert knowledge – academic, professional, civic – to make cities resilient in the face of rapid change. We'll harness the expertise and develop the networks needed to create a world of ecocities.
July 12 (All day) to July 14 (All day)
1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf VIC 3006 Australia
Ecocity 2017: Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations will bring together a diverse mix of researchers, policy makers and citizens with a common focus on identifying and creating pathways to more sustainable, resilient and equitable cities.
July 18, 12:00 pm to July 21, 12:00 pm
Regis University, Denver
Are Signs Pointing to a Greater Need for Co-operative Education? We Think So. Join us for the 2017 Institute in Denver. Participants are asked to think about the responsibilities of educators to pass along the how-to of keeping democracies vibrant. If you would like to contact: aceeducators@me.com
July 27, 9:00 am to July 31, 5:00 pm
Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
1st Transition US National Gathering, “Growing a Movement for Resilient Communities: Broadening, Deepening, and Scaling Up.” Pre-gathering workshop intensives 7/27-28; main gathering 7/28-7/30; movement strategy session 7/31-8/1. Workshops, participatory sessions, connection, celebration, and more!

August 2017

August 7 (All day) to August 13 (All day)
Highlander Research and Education Center, New Market, TN
Summer Co-op Academy is a weeklong cooperative business boot camp that promotes education for transformation and liberation. Students at 2- or 4-year higher education institutions can apply to join our 2017 Cohort and gain the skills required to start or scale a campus food co-op.
August 30 (All day) to September 2 (All day)
Buenos Aires/Pigüé, Argentina
We invite the participation of all workers from recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives and social and popular economy organizations, as well as trade unions and academics interested in and committed to self-management practices and the project of a new workers' economy.

September 2017

September 13 (All day) to September 15 (All day)
Convening 350 delegates and community leaders from across Canada and abroad for 3 days of learning, connecting, and celebrating local economies. We’ll get delegates moving, exploring and interacting with Calgary and each other. Not just envisioning, but experiencing an economy that works for all.

November 2017

November 15 (All day) to November 19 (All day)
Arts District Los Angeles, California
LA CoMotion is the world’s most important annual gathering of the movers and shakers powering the urban mobility revolution transforming cities from Los Angeles to London, Jakarta to Rio de Janeiro.
November 28, 7:00 am to November 30, 12:00 am
Take part in the Inclusive Integration Policy lab to debate with Mayors & Ministers about building effective multi-level governance of diversity.

December 2017

December 8 (All day) to December 9 (All day)
Barcelona, Spain
BITS seminars, work streams, and research lines are geared towards ‘what’s to be done?’ sort of questions. Its members and audience include prominent academics, journalists, researchers, social movement activists, campaigners, entrepreneurs, & public officials from municipal and national governments