• New York Mayor, billionaire, and would-be Batman villain Michael Bloomberg has a new target in mind: large sugary beverages. Here are a few of the drinks he's seeking to nix.
  • Making bikes visible to traffic is a constant concern for cyclists, but in the age of cheap and easy LEDs, there's no reason we can't have the glowing bikes of Tron. Like this.
  • I Wish I Said Hello is a New York art project that takes particularly cute missed connections from Craigslist and makes physical stickers representing the encounter. You have to see it for yourself.
  • Some parents are happy to send their kids to camp to enjoy the summer (and get them out of their hair), but end up wondering why counsellors have an easier time with their kids.
  • A young woman dies, but leaves behind notes on "the opposite of loneliness."
  • Taking bike infrastructure one step further with "green lanes," or real dedicated cycling spaces through even the busiest traffic.
  • And for another perspective, why bike lanes aren't "cool."
  • Summer means wedding season, which means all the problems that comes with wedding season. Fortunately, there are hacks.



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